Csun day 3

CSUN 2010 day 4
Hello: today I saw a lot of fun things. I looked at a few aac booths and played with a new toy and went to a party.
There are a lot of venders selling augmentative devices here this year. It seems like when I walk through the door of the hall the first 5 or more booths are aac. I hope to have a few of them come up to cal and work with a few students that need new systems.
I went to a presentation on an RFID indoor navigation system this was a project at the Atlanta va hospital. They had a floor that was first designed with RFID for a cleaning robot. The robot would use the tags to make sure it cleaned the hole floor. This expanded in to a system that would tell a blind cane user wear they were in the building as there cane touched a tag. The reader is in the handle of the cane.
Then I went to the presentation about oratio for black Barry. This seems to have come a long way. The product first announced at CSUN last year is now out and shipping. I really like this and I respect the vender for being open with the audience. He came out and said clearly and without being asked if you asked me if we were better then talks or mobile speak I would tell you they have been around for ten years now and we are only new we might not be as clean or polished as them but we will get there fast.

The thing I thought was the best for today was the pearl from freedom scientific. It scanned and started reading faster than I have ever seen a ocr package work before. It started talking before I pulled my hand back. It was very small and I think it with a net book would rock. Dusty the product manager said he won’t ship it until its faster yet. Not a phone like the knfb reader but for a student more effective I think.

Well I am dropping on my feet here and I want to sleep. So no more for today. Next week I will do some clean up of these posts and see about adding links or more but not for now Lucy. . as fast as we can.

Lots more booths today and many more of the same ones I saw yesterday I am getting way to lost in the hall I keep going back to the same places. I saw ginger soft and tack tiles and a lot of cctvs. So many I thing I saw them over and over again. My favorite thing I saw today was the freedom scientific purl. It’s a new camera that will work with open book it was really fast. Dusty the product manager said he won’t release it un till its twice as fast as it already is. It took almost no time to scan and start reading a page. I could barely pull my hand back from pushing space before it would start reading.

By lucy greco

Lucy is a technology enthusiast that is passionate about getting people with disabilities the best access to the same technology as their able-bodied peers.

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