CSUN last day

It’s over and I am worn out. I just turned in yesterday . so here is the last days report. View plus has a new spot dot. However this is a mammoth. It stands almost three feet high and two feet long. The only way I could describe it is to think of two small file cabinets side by side. The one in the back houses the paper and print mechanism. Then the front one is wear the Braille is produced. This is a very fast unit and can Braille both sides large format paper. I forget how fast she said it works but it seems to do a good job. This will never be a embosser most of us will ever want. A large production house might be able to keep it busy enough to make it worth wile. I wonder how many production houses there are any way.

I then took a quick trip over to APH . at long last there is a new book port. Although many of you will have a hard time recognizing it as a book port. This new model is a plex talk pocket that has different firm ware on it. The differences are all in the user interface and the navigation.

More familiar but smaller was the Envision America new id mate. To my frustration it’s much more of what I would want then the one I got only a few months ago. The summit as they call it is less than half as big as the Omni and works much faster. The software lets you change the settings without having to re write the files on your computer. in long descriptions you can fast forward and rewind the message. I asked for the next version to add a pause as well. I like to find some of the things in a recipe and then here the rest so that would help more.

My last two stops for the day were side by side just to make things easier. Perkins and Olympus. Perkins has there newer Brailler. I really wish that the old design was kept. As I was speaking to the woman a little boy came up and started to play with the unit. The lady proceeded to show him how to really use the unit. This little boy had used a Brailler in school and was only using it the way he knew how. This new unit takes a little more dexterity just to move the carriage back you must push down a button and squeeze a button and move all at the same time. It requires you to reach over the unit to do this. I had a bit of trouble doing this what about a person with soar hands or bad dexterity. I liked the old one better. The little boy was banging on the unit and after all if the unit can’t take a banging how would it hold up too Daly use in the life of a student. I will keep my old one thanks.

Olympus has a new voice recorder that is there most accessible one yet. Keep an eye out for it this summer. I praise them for making a player that we all can use. They have a good effort round of applause from me.
Victor and I then met and I handed off the pecan cam as it was time to go home. We spoke about what our next steps would be and you will just have to wait to see the next round. This was a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did

Many people had travel problems as there was a water main break that shut the airport access off so I hope all of you that were at CSUN made it home safely. I would like to thank the hotel staff for there exhalent service. The staff all seemed to know just what to do and did not try to be over helpful. It’s nice to not be dragged here and there before you can say no. this is a massive hotel and it will be hard to learn it. I definitely found myself walking in circles in some of the wide open spaces. Next year CSUN let the hotel keep the chairs, tables and plants in the upper halls. They will provide land marks and places to have a short meeting or just rest from the excitement. See all of you at CSUN next year.

By lucy greco

Lucy is a technology enthusiast that is passionate about getting people with disabilities the best access to the same technology as their able-bodied peers.

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