I love my job

There are very few people in a world that can actually make the above statement and mean it. There are some days that I may not feel that way but overall I feel that way most of the time. Every day I get new challenges and get to learn about interesting technologies and ideas. the thing I like most is the people I work with. The UC Berkeley campus has a lot of people who believe in the same principles and ideas I believe in. Working with developers on this campus has taught me that people in general really do want to help make things easier to use. In some ways, I feel I am very spoiled by the people I work with. It makes me forget that in the real world things do not often go so well in general working with people on this campus and testing websites really can be a lot of fun…

Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise most of the time I avoid browsing the Internet outside of work because I get so disappointed and disgusted what happens when I visit a website. Yes, there are many accessible websites out there and it is getting somewhat better but more often than not, I throw my hands up in disgust and go to my husband or my reader to do what I need to on the web. This includes entertainment and everything else. It is somewhat humiliating to have to go to another person to buy that person his or her birthday present. What to my pleasant surprise when yesterday I visited the last.FM website and found that it had changed significantly since the last time I visited. Finding a song was difficult but possible and marking it in tagging appropriately could happen. However, sometimes the song would be over before I found the right place to click. Yesterday I found the website had been redone. Boy oh boy is it good now it’s funny but I still kind of get really excited and become a little childish when I find something like this. I had to call everyone I knew and tell him or her what a great website I had just visited.
Well done last FM and I will be definitely recommending you to all my screen reader user friends.

The new website lets me track things extraordinarily well. I can see what song is playing I can market an even better I can see if the artist is going to be in town soon. I have just the same access as everyone else now I can wander through the website I can play music and do whatever I want just like anyone else. The webpage refreshes properly the screen reader tracks everything. Everything is labeled and the information is all there for me to access or not as I please. I can sit back and listen to the music or I can find out information about the artist or move on to recommendations or do anything that an able-bodied user would be able to do on this site. If I ever had a stamp of approval this would be, an access aces site

By lucy greco

Lucy is a technology enthusiast that is passionate about getting people with disabilities the best access to the same technology as their able-bodied peers.

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